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New site, new blog

Welcome to the new site. After some years of having a site that was becoming a bit awkward to manage it was time to move, create something new and maintain it.

Since getting back into photography in 2007 things have changed in a number of areas. Digital cameras have progressed with new cameras having far more features and better image quality than they did just a few years ago. Features that only existed on the top-end, expensive kit designed with professionals in mind now appear on cameras at a fraction of the price, designed for the pro-sumer or even the total newcomer. The web has become image prolific as internet speeds have increased and mobile photography has taken hold with sites such as Instagram moving on from being a site for instant photography to one used by a growing number of professionals to promote themselves and network with like minded photographers. Certain sites have grown in popularity while others have grown and then entered some form of decline. Keeping up with web developments and the needs of the photographic community (or communities!) is essential, especially for those photographic sites that are so linked in to, or owned by, the large internet and social media moguls.

My photography too has changed in the last few years. It has slowed down as I have discovered that trying to keep up with the pace of styles such as street photography really doesn't suit me. Yes, I'll still shoot street from time to time but I'm becoming more at home with having the camera on a tripod and taking my time (sometimes quite a bit of time), trying to get the shot. This has led to a development and interest in long-exposure photography, mainly of urban landscape, seascapes and architecture - the last three in that list being subjects I've always enjoyed, just that now I'm being slower and taking longer over it. The irony is that while there seems to be a move for photographers trying to get get the best image straight out of the camera in order to minimize, or do away with altogether, any post-processing, I'm finding myself spending more time in post, trying new techniques, learning new skills, in order to eke the best final image I can out of the digital information I have in the image file. And it's with these changes i have decided to remodel how I present my photography - hence the new site.

It is a work in progress, so if you have any thoughts, critique (good or bad), etc. about what's here, I'd like to hear it.

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