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New Year, New Camera...

... so I'd better get shooting!

Which partly led to me strolling around the streets of the City and East End of London yesterday. I had to meet a friend in the City to hand over a camera bag he had purchased from me, and that gave me ample opportunity to take the Fujifilm X-T2 for an outing.

I have been using the older sibling, the X-T1, for a couple of years now and have no intention of replacing it entirely at this stage. It has been reliable, has got me through a couple of weddings, did all the donkey work for a time-lapse produced over six-month period, and has been a joy to use (to the extent that my poor old X-Pro1 has had little use). So why go for the X-T2?

Well it was a close thing. I felt that I needed another 'slr' styled body (which I prefer to the rangefinder style, although I do love my original X100), which would allow the attachment of an intervalometer for long exposure work. I am visiting Iceland in June and relying on one body was something that I thought could be too risky, so a second body capable of being used for long exposure photography was a bit of a necessity. One option, the cheaper one, would have been to get another Fujifilm X-T1. And that is what I was intending to do and would have done (in the light of the price of a brand spanking new X-T2), if it hadn't been for a quick check on a secondhand X-T1 in Graphite Silver that I had seen a fortnight before on Camera World's website.

And there it was. A secondhand Fujifilm X-T2. With 18-55mm zoom. At the price of a new body (and only a bit more than a new Graphite Silver X-T1 body). Bit of a no brainer really. So what do I get with this over the X-T1? Well, updated technology for one, new sensor that is 24 megapixel vs the 16 megapixel of the X-T1, new processing engine, faster autofocus with more autofocus points - they're the main points as far as I'm concerned. And then there's the new film simulation - Acros - which means that there really is little need to shoot RAW any longer unless you know that you need to do a bit of post-processing (e.g. in long exposure work). So the street photos here are jpegs that are straight out of the camera apart from a little crop, and an added vignette. There's also the focus point joy stick - a great improvement over the X-T1. So, having now satisfied this year's GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), it's time to get out there and do some shooting.

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