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Acorn Wharf

Cold day today, but then it's mid-January and we've had it pretty good. At least it hasn't started snowing. I've been meaning to shoot Acorn Wharf for a while but just hadn't got around to it. It's deserted now, the buildings having been burnt out some years ago, but not so far back this was an active boatyard, repairing small tugs and other vessels working on the Medway. Eventually all this will be cleared away and new homes will be built on the site as part of the Rochester Riverside regeneration, which has already overrun the old Limehouse, Cory's, Blue Boar, and Stanley's wharves, and the railway sidings that served them, eradicating a large part of the maritime history of the Medway.

Shot with: Fuji X100F

#x100f #medway #Rochester #urbex #river #wharf #industry #derelict


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