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A few years ago I spent the night in Canterbury, Kent after an office shindig. The next morning, on my way back to the station to go home, I passed through a public garden, Dane John Gardens. There was a slight mist and I used my phone (the only camera I had on me) to record some of the structures and sculpture there using a monochrome camera-phone app. Whilst those shots were fine to reproduce online and in my Instagram feed, they weren't really up to be being printed. Which wasn't an issue as they were never taken with a view to being needed in a 'hard copy format'. And that's ok until you realise that you'd actually like to have some material of Canterbury that could actually be printed.

So, a couple of weeks ago an excursion was made to Canterbury this time taking a bit more serious kit along, viz. the Fuji X-T3, a few lenses, a variety of filters, and a hefty tripod. The plan was not to try and recreate the earlier phone shots, that wasn't going to be feasible due to the time of year, time of day, weather etc. etc., but there was an intention to shoot the same subjects, in monochrome, and bring an otherworldly-ness to them to echo the ideas from the earlier shots.

As far as the 'preview' goes, these photographs are going to be printed , mounted and framed as part of an upcoming exhibition in Canterbury during May. I'll post further details about that later.

Taken with: Fuji X-T3, processed in Lightroom and Alien Skin Exposure X4

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