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This is supposed to be an 'Engaging Title'

I'm not particularly good at this 'blogging game'. Part of it is that I don't have a plethora of work I want to put 'out there' in a blog format (I don't even have a plethora of work to put out in any format). The next is that I don't really have a great deal to say about my photography, or what I'm doing now, or what I'm doing next. However from time to time I feel it necessary to write something and publish it; it might just be a case of consolidating some thoughts I suppose. Which is possibly why I'm putting fingers to keyboard here, now.

I've just returned from a two week break in Brittany, France. I've been a few times before, twice last year, and this time was returning to the same village as I went to last September, St Nicolas-des-Eaux, a bit south of Pontivy and located on the very pretty river Blavet. Last year I just took my Fujifilm X100F along - we were only there for a week and were planning on a fair bit of walking and cycling, so photography wasn't 'on the agenda' as such. This time the X100F came along but I also packed my X-T3, the 10-24mm, the 35mm f/1.4, and the 50-140mm f/2.8. Added on to that lot was a travel tripod, my 15" laptop, batteries galore, charger, cables, ND filters, grads, CPL etc., etc. (all, incidentally, in my new Vanguard Veoflex 47 backpack which comfortably took the lot with space to spare for extras). Number of photos taken over the two weeks? About 250. And a good number of those are duplicates insofar that I worked a subject; I took 18 shots of Venus (above) for example, playing with focal length, position etc. I didn't use the tripod at all, didn't use the NDs or CPL, probably used the X100F more than the X-T3. This raises a bit of a question about why I/we lugged all this kit to France in the first place (other half took her X100F/X-T3 and a few lenses too). It was a holiday. We were planning on (more) cycling, walking and a bit of kyaking (which we did). Yes, photography is a hobby/interest for both of us, but we weren't planning on doing photoshoots of the wonderful Breton coastline, we knew we couldn't get amongst the stones at Carnac (as we did on our first visit to Brittany 30 years ago when we took just a Canon T90 and an A1 with four lenses between us). It was really a situation of taking things 'just in case'. Yes, I did use the 50-140mm (Venus above is 6 metres tall), and I did use the 10-24mm for a few landscapes but the whole things has made me reconsider my travel kit for 'holidays' as opposed to a travel kit for a 'photography day/trip'. If I was off to Iceland again, for photography like in 2017, the whole lots goes with me. But my summer holiday? I'll think again.

On the processing - I'm currently playing around with Capture One and really liking it - it works really nicely with the Fuji files (not that I personally have had any major issues with Adobe Lightroom). I think it's more a case that overall it's more subtle than LR when you make a change. I follow the blogs of Canadian photographer Patrick La Roque whose work I particularly like, and this is having a bit of influence on things.

Shot with Fuji X-T3


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