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'"When I grow rich" say the bells of Shoreditch'. Well, the London rhyme has been around since at least the 18th Century and still Shoreditch marks a spot where the wealth of the City of London meets the poorer area of the East End.

Times have changed; the area is populated more and more by bars and bistros, becoming loud and lively in the evenings as the workers pour out of their offices. Neighbouring Spitalfield has (sadly, in my opinion) seen its vegetable market and area around Christ Church become gentrified, becoming hardly identifiable as the location of Don McCullin's 1970's gritty photographs of London's homeless, living on the edge of the City.

I was in Shoreditch briefly a couple of days ago, visiting a small gallery (One Louder) on the Hackney Road where my friend Jay (Vulture Labs), was opening an exhibition of his photographic prints. The Fuji X100F was in the bag and the opportunity for some photos of the local graffiti presented itself.

Taken on a Fuji X100F

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