• Richard Reader

Shetland - a break

Not somewhere where we really planned to go as such. P1: "Let's get away for a week" P2: "Ok, where?"

P1: "Scotland? We haven't been up there for a few years" P2: "Ok. Whereabouts?"

P1 (jokingly): "Shetland? Great (x4 or 5) granny came from there" P2: "Fine. You sorting it?"


P1 (feeling pleased with himself): "Got us seven nights in Scalloway. Ferry from Aberdeen. Fourteen hour crossing" P2: "Er... great"

P1: "I'll get some seasickness pills. Could be lively"

Taken on Fuji X-T3 and Fuji X100F

#Shetland #scotland #landscape #sea #cliffs #lodberry #lerwick #fujixt3 #x100f #break #holiday


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