• Richard Reader

Under the Bridges

It's Coronavirus lockdown. Of sorts. The UK hasn't gone the whole hog like some of the other European countries. Some shops are still open; those that are deemed essential. Others - restaurants, bars, pubs, hairdressers, clothing stores - they're shut for the duration; however long that might be. We can go out for exercise, but it should only be from our homes, and not for too long, and we should maintain a two metres distance from anyone else we meet. Generally people are adhering to that, crossing the road rather than meet someone coming from the other direction, stepping into doorways or onto the road (little chance of getting knocked over as there are few cars about), to let someone pass. We smile sheepishly, apologetically, at each other. "It's nothing personal, but...", the words are left unsaid. Instead we greet each other briefly, say "Thank you", all at that safe distance. We try and find remote places, within walking distance. We know the remote places. We have gone to them often. Now others have found the same, now not so remote, places. This, surprisingly, is a remote place. It lies under the M2 motorway and Channel Tunnel Rail Link bridges where they cross the river Medway. The hum of traffic and trains permeates the air; even now, at this time. A few people pass through, avoiding the main village road a few hundred metres away.

Taken on a Fuji X-Pro1 with 35mm and 14mm lenses

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