Into the Fog

January 26, 2017


We've been having a bit of a cold snap here in the south east of England. Nothing in the way of snow but there have been some heavy frosts and as a consequence we've had some freezing fog which has lasted from early morning right through until the afternoon.


I've been wanting to do some fog photography for a while, particularly in London, but it's not easy to judge whether the capital will still have any fog by the time I get up there (as it turns out, while we had fog on the River Medway, there wasn't any on the Thames up towards London).  Consequently I made use of the local fog for a few shots.  Fortunately Rochester Bridge is quite impressive as a structure so that was a 'must shot'.






During shooting the sun started to appear through the fog which made the shot of Rochester's Norman Castle and the Cathedral a bit eerie.











The fog stuck around most of the day and a bit later, as the lights came on I took this one in a piece of local park, The Vines. Funnily enough I took a similar shot here about 30 years ago on film.


All the photographs were taken on the Fujifilm X-T2 and are straight out of camera jpegs using the Acros film simulation. The only post-processing done is a slight vignette and neutral density graduated filters to the top and bottom of the shots.

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